Friday, 7 June 2013

It was a grey day

I wait for the tram

Look at the threatening clouds

Raincoat in my case


I swipe my ticket

Find a seat by the window

Stare at the grey day


She got on stop nine

Tall, dark with hair in chignon

Classic high cheeked face


She looked at no-one

But she knew I looked at her

I read the paper


Then the sky darkened

As did her beautiful face

With her turned up nose


We reached the city

The rain poured down in torrents

At Town Hall she rose


Then I caught her eyes

And gave her my newspaper

She took it grinning


Now smiling in the rain

Unfinished crossword in that

Paper on her head


  1. A very eloquent recital of a "sliding-doors" moment. I like it!

  2. A gentlemanly act, I must say. Our Reg would have said: "Use the paper yourself - let her get wet."

  3. A lovely slice of a moment in time. A kind and generous moment, at that!

  4. so sweet. moments like this will be treasured forever.

  5. Oh that crosss word is finished, you just don't know it

  6. Nice little story, artful and deft.

  7. I hope she didn't end up with black ink running down her face!

  8. Thank you for this, brings back memories of riding trams and finding generous people, on the trip, you always remember but never met again.