Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Gutter politics

My, it was foolish

To listen to that speaker

On and on he went


Talking such garbage

That it was imperative

We should vote for him


I could not stand it

And roared my noisy protest

So much for me then


I was dragged outside

So my feet had no traction

On that sad spring day


I know now those stars

Seem so bright from the gutter

When true ideals fade


  1. Politics seems all about posturing these days. It's no wonder people get angry.

  2. Politics is no longer a charming word!! The good governance of a country could be through debates and conflicts (included)but today it is now reduced to just a dirty word!!

  3. Keep the faith! Politics seems a succession of disappointments.

  4. Appreciate the poetic close. And I still hope for sense,being heard and moving forward. I can't imagine giving up and the speaker does not impress me that he has lost all hope either.

  5. Something about the association of politics and gutters works for me.