Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Waterfall

The scent of gum trees

And a kookaburra’s call

Led us from our park


A fast stream spilling

Over stepping stones into

Shimmering dark pools


Where blue fairy wrens

Asserted their status but

Not daring to rest


From this sylvan scene

Came a warning of thunder

Yet the sky was clear


As in a books page

We cross a stone bridge and turn

To see a waterfall


Water Jets spewing

Spilling over the cliff face

Uncurbed for eons


Voices were silent

As we couldn’t speak to tell

Of our great delight


  1. Beautiful images fill this piece, OE. I've never heard a kookaburra in real time, but have heard/seen video footage of them. Their cry is really something. Lovely write.

  2. I enjoyed the imagery throughout and the kookaburra image creates such a beautiful scene.

  3. You make me want to go to Australia!
    I always loved that song about the kookaburra and the gum tree. My late father would sing it when I was but a wee Psycho.

  4. You took me there! Yes, it makes me think Australia is worth a visit. Lovely wordle.

  5. Nature can hush us at times, but I'm glad that you found your voice for this lovely poem.

  6. A great string deeply rooted in nature and touching deeply; inwardly. Nicely done, OldEgg!

  7. This country artistry is a beautiful piece!! Looks like a Sunday morning leisurely stroll enjoying nature!!

  8. :-) some things words cannot convey - don't speak.

  9. old egg, what a wonderful scene you have painted with the words.


  10. That you could not speak...
    spoke volumes.
    Nicely wordled!

  11. Oh this was wonderful very powerful visuals =)