Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Fairy Ring

Last Wednesday I wrote a little fairy fantasy see:
A walk in the woods

This piece just follows on:



I woke with a start

The room was filled with moonshine

I remembered her


I must see her again

So I went back to that wood

But not in the daytime


I crept out from home

My teeth chattering with cold

I’d lost all my senses


First through the village

Then cut across a meadow

Through the dark tress


There in the clearing

Lit only by borrowed glow worms

From a nearby cave


Were a dancing troop

Of small laughing and giggling

Fairies who stopped at once


When they saw me there

One who knew me stepped up

Bowed and smiled at me


So I then sat down

Putting finger to my lips

They resumed their dance


What a crazy night

Where my senses were filled

More than anything


But as the moon sank

There was a shattering cry

That split the night air


Only a fox but

The fairies scooped up their wares

And fled from the ring


I trudged home alone

Unloaded my weary body

On my tinselly bed


I remembered her

The fairy that welcomed me

She’d blown me a kiss


  1. I like your magical world. So much nicer than the day to day!

  2. So subtle and romantic!! I love your style and simple ways of narrating!! You are clever at sequels!!
    I remember your looooong story a couple of years ago...Ahu and Ahuahu, which interested me so much!!

  3. Bad luck! You had to go out and find them - ours are at the bottom of the garden, the little devils.

  4. I wish a fairy would blow me a kiss.

  5. Wonderful fairy fantasy..

  6. Fantastic OE. I've loved fairies since I was child, and you bring their magic to the page. Mesmerizing fairy hair...

  7. What a lovely story poem, old egg.


  8. This a delightful frolic through your own wonderland! Superb.

  9. I enjoyed your fairy story written in haiku.

  10. My first thought was you were being a stalker. lol. Lovely tale of the fairies at night!

  11. I really like the world you live in. And I much appreciate when I may visit. Thank you.