Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Racial Relations

Once again in this multicultural society in Australia racial vilification has raised its ugly head in sport. Even a prominent TV presenter and sports commentator has sunk to the depths.


Now tell me white man

What badge of courage is this

Vile subjugation?


So many lives lost

So much fear and loathing

Gives you no credit


Your actions darken

History and shows you’re a



What are you again?

There is no superior race

Learned your lesson yet?


  1. Race relations is an age-old issue still making its bid. You've presented it perfectly OE! I don't see how sports can succumb. Sporting skills are not skin deep. Well crafted!


  2. is it terrible that some people can't or won't see beyond differences. Well done.

  3. Eddie is just a thug who wears a suit like so many sporting personalities here.I do not see him as more of an embarrassment than the aggressive, rude, mediocre unattractive news presenters on the ABC.
    (Juanita Phillips excluded)

  4. As appalling as racial slurs and discrimination are, I am nevertheless encouraged that so many now find it offensive.

    Progress comes in stages.

  5. Glad to see you getting into the protest rant mode. I don't know who this chap is, or what he said, but I agree with you.

  6. Well he does think football is a good use of his time on this planet so there goes his claim to rational thought straight away.

  7. Such arrogance in the media at times, where is the shame? Thoughtful piece, enjoyed it very much.