Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I am indignant

I am indignant

With the stench of politics

What have we done wrong?


A flabby excuse

A scandal that’s now hushed up

Must it be like this?


Why must the country

Be run by incompetents

Just lining their nests?


Where are the statesmen

The politicians with a cause

In whom we can trust?


Has spring arrived yet?

I long for the winds of change

Not a bleak winter


  1. I am indignant too!! This just about describes very aptly the state of affairs here!! The 'statesman' is a long forgotten person and 'trust' is an alien word. 'Lining nests' is a national pastime. We are waiting for 2014!! There is truth in every word that you have said here today!!

  2. Will be interesting to see who wins this election.

  3. There is nothing quite so stinky as politics.

  4. politics always seems to attract those who want power but not change for the people.

  5. I despair of seeing a politician who is both honest and effective in my lifetime, but I suppose it could happen, just like fairies and unicorns could show up in my back yard. Not holding my breath, though.