Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The girl with the silky hair

Can I tell about

The girl with the silky hair

And eyes to die for?


Her dangerous looks

Were close to killing of me

All those years ago


Me a wedding guest

As leaves scattered in the fall

One glance was enough


And we talked a lot

But we dare not talk of love

We were too clever


No one saw us kiss

And breathe in each others soul

To taste secret love


Each touch electric

Every word was a poem

Each taste was nectar


Many years later

I see you now on Facebook

The past is silent


I weep for you now

And the winter is so cold

Do you weep for me?


  1. Break my heart, Robin. A reflection of real life via FB. I thought all kinds of implications like status, Married to the man of my dreams. Thanks.

  2. Oh dear..not a good idea torturing yourself like this..unrequited love is so boring and masochistic..I'm agin it...curl up on wintry nights with a warm cuddly damsel instead of memories on FB.

  3. There is something so poignant about the one who got away and those fires that somehow cooled. Even when we don't regret where we ended up, what imaginative person doesn't wonder what might've happened, if only...?

  4. NAH! If she's on facebook - forget it!

  5. Adventures in first electric loves...
    I am happy where I am now.
    Though I sometimes do wonder about that first beau. I only tried to look for him once... OK maybe twice. And I don't worry about what he thinks - not after over 30 years with my own hubby. :)

  6. But if it was really meant to be, then if probably would have been. Is it worth making all the sacrifices it would have taken? Interesting how Facebook car fan old flames.

  7. People often think of the road not taken but maybe there was a good reason why that road wasn't taken.

  8. Lost love... lovely verse.. though the loss feels sad

  9. Isn't that human nature, wondering what could have been after life takes us along a different path...

  10. Awww!! Heartbroken and full of sorrow but not worth knowing her feelings after all the years!! Are you stoking the dying embers?? ;)

  11. Emotional piece. Effectively written.