Sunday, 12 May 2013


The sun at it’s rising

The chants of faithful

The fists in the air

The vows of leaders

The drone of the bombers

The mouths of the hungry

The crook in the backstreet

The space where the schools were

The circling of buzzards

The caves of the homeless

The broken hearts and bodies

The binding of wounds

The burying of the dead

The leer of the victorious

The mourning for loved ones

The loss of humanity

The sun at it’s setting


  1. You have captured the tragedy and pathos of war. Well done, OE!

  2. Your poem marches down the page like the sun in her orbit. Sometimes humanity must look very sad in her eyes.


  3. Forever marching onward, like it's progress or something. The space where the schools were.... sad.

  4. I like the rhythm of this poem, like the drumbeat of war, two beats per line, it marches to the last statement - powerful Thanks for sharing this one.

  5. One of the bitter ironies of humanity is its need to seek glory in destruction.

    Nicely done.

  6. Your words used in a very powerful fashion to describe the impact of war. Well done!

  7. What a power packed day and to watch all this happen in the span of a single day!!
    Nothing is impossible and it happens on TV all the time!!

  8. nice work. liked the repetition of the lines. Randy

  9. I agree you really did capture the pathos of war, this is very strong and the repetition works very well. Love it

  10. All of humanity summerized. From the very beginnings until today. And one can only wonder how we survive.

    I think hope plays a part. That part of faith, the genlte unfisted hands that sooths...brings moments of laughter, even some brilliant more humane discoveries?

  11. Perfectly painted. Vivid and pointed!

  12. All of these are a sad loss from war. This line got me the most - The space where the schools were.

  13. A poignant write, old egg. I like the list form you decided to use for this, it reads very well.


  14. Robin, thanks for your comment. You were so right... our themes were the same, the Wordle conjured for us alike. Perhaps it was the word "drone," which most people did not use in the weapons sense.

    This, line by line, like soldiers trudging in formation, and then the sunset.. of us? Powerful. Amy

  15. Powerful write. Lest we forget indeed.

    Anna :o]

  16. Everyone has already said it. This is a good one. It marches and it tells a tale and it's very sad...