Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Pact

I was lanky once

In the springtime of my life

Looking down like you


Now I have been crushed

A poor pathetic being

As you call me home


I have love to give

But none that will receive it

Come on destruction


Will there be soft kisses

And eyes that sparkle at me?

So that is my deal


My ultimatum

You restore what I have lost

I’ll come willingly


  1. There is somebody out there for you.The world is a big place. Don't give up. The problem is all the best sheilas live in Sydney.Unfortunately I'm ' spoken for ' but I will keep an eye out for you:)

  2. Relax Rallentanda, prompt words are just that. I write them down and let the ideas form and even I am surprised at what my fingers type! P.S. I knew you would be taken.

  3. " I heard you were saucy at my gates,and allowed your approach to wonder at you rather than to hear you. If you be not mad be gone;if you have reason,be brief:tis not that time of moon with me to make one in so skipping a dialogue"....Twelfth Night

    Don't often get an opportunity to show off my Shakespeare:)

    Rallentanda (I'm very relaxed)

  4. I think we all long to give ourselves to that one person who can give back all we've lost as we've been kicked about by life. Sadly, it rarely ever comes to pass.

  5. Oh!! No!! don't tell me you want to get into this pact to be crushed beyond repair!!
    I will call it "hara-kiri" self destruction!! :)
    Loved where the prompt words took you!!

  6. I'm a bit concerned - for myself, actually. I read this poem as a final, challenging 'candle flutter', before death. Talk about being open to interpretation!

  7. This is so poignant. Not sure if I should be concerned too. I read it as Altonian did.
    Amazing is what simple prompts evoke.

  8. Robin,

    My first time here. What a first impression. Looking forward to reading more.