Sunday, 19 May 2013

Love arachnid style

Opaque your intent                                       

When I saw those blazing eyes                  

Yes, I was entranced                        


Hover or have her                                         

Will your flaming torch burn me                   

Or guide me in love?                                   


Let me touch your face                                

To breathe in that breath of yours   

Crush me in your arms


As my vision fades                                       

It’s but a nebulous thought               

What did I do wrong?                                 


Cut up on the slab                                        

So my timing was not right              

It’s bleak when eaten       


  1. That''ll be one bad timing with a side of hash brown gnats.
    Funny, this wordle seems to lend itself to desire.

  2. From a web of desire to the sad end!! It came crashing down like a tonne of bricks!!
    Each verse seems like it is dedicated to a creature and for me the second verse reminds me of two glow-worms in love!! ;)

  3. Something about it I didn't love and be thanks.

  4. It happens. We love what we eat? I think we do or we wouldn't eat it! Interesting wordling.

  5. One wonders at times why the males haven't gotten wise to the whole practice and gone their own way, continuation of the species be damned. I know a few people who would be very happy if they never saw another spider, although I like them just fine, as long as they are small.

  6. gerat concept, Old Egg. written
    with that delicious fear and trembling when faced with a new
    'exciting' lover- who just may
    crush us

    but have hope - it could be the
    other way around.

  7. That is an interesting point of view. Usually they are just stepped on. You have added a reason to think before we crush.

  8. It is indeed bleak to be eaten..more so to be caught in the trap..your poetry has a dark thread at times..which of course..i love..

  9. yes indeed, bad timing can be the death on you

  10. Isn't there a species of spider that when they mate, the female then eats the male? For me this is inferred in your chilling wordle.

  11. I laughed out loud when I read this and tip my hat to anyone who can write from an insect's perspective! Love it! :)

  12. It creates a frightful impression of being caught in a spider's claws - a big spider! Nicely!


  13. Fascinating twist with those wordless! Nice job.

  14. Really lovely Old. It's always such a treat to come here for love poems. You're so good at them. :)

  15. I have exceptionally bad timing, it borders on supernatural at times! This is a gorgeous, emotional, and raw poem I loved it =)

  16. It is all about desire, Robin. Well done.


  17. This is fabulous, iced with a black widow ending.

  18. Very well done. Gave me shivers to imagine seeing a spider cut open on the slab and eaten.

  19. Spiders as in all things in nature have a unique way of survival.