Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Telling tales

When I started blogging
Goodness knows why I chose
To start writing in prose
Never thought at that time
Of writing poems that rhyme

Time had been spent telling tales
Of bad Greek goddess
Who made my life a mess
Running naked and free
Exploring the south seas

Then there was a mermaid
Who made love by the sea
With old man (based on me)
Swimming to a secret cove
Babies born from our love

Longest story lasted years
Maori couple in love
Fishing in secret cove
White settlers took charge then
Gun toting mean white men

Then posting sites gave up
So changed writing to fit
Prose gone now a poet
Write stories but now in verse
Found readers not averse!

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The three serial stories referred to can be found at Labels: 'Ahu', 'Io" and "Marina" should you care to read them.


  1. Uh oh! Don't like the Greek Goddess at all but love the mermaid & the Maori couple story :)

  2. I love that you were not averse to writing verse. I love your stories, too, Robin.

  3. I love poems that tell stories, autobiographical and fictional, and those which re-tell old stories.

  4. An insight into you, Robin, and the literary imagination that expands our lives so much. Nicely done.

  5. Oh I wish I could read the Maori story!!

    1. Just click on Ahu in the labels list and you will be directed to all 109 chapters of the story. You have to scroll right back to No 1 to start reading or just pick out one to give it a trial.

  6. Story-telling poems are wonderful. I love your writing.

  7. Your stories/content/poems are always interesting to read and it’s easy just to write but writing from the heart is very different. And you do that, Robin.

  8. From prose to poetry out of necessity!