Sunday, 14 April 2019

I love my garden

I love my garden and I love the birds
But hated thieving rats and feral cats
As sat on stool trussing tomato plants
Stamping my boots on disturbed angry ants

Birds watch close in case I find wiggly worms
Favourite place is on top of my spade
For they wake me on each weekends morning
Soon after breakfast when sun is dawning

Out wife comes bringing a cup of sweet tea
Sits on the patio grinning now at me
I take a sip, stop, no sugar what a pain!
She points at bowl, I been hooked on bait again

We sit basking in the afternoon sun
No mansion for us, just a house for two
Sit quietly, kids all gone, just her and me
I think for her I'll plant a maple tree

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  1. Paints a lovely picture with the material given, except that I deplore your denigration of feral cats!

    1. Sorry about the feral cats but 'feral' was one of the 12 given words and had to insert in there somewhere!