Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Our need to change

Writing prose was my form on the net
Until those sites seem to say "That's it"
So altered my style to poetry
Discovered so many sites one, two, three
Only problem now was that I now found
The need to tell how the world went round

So then all at once I wrote of love
Of rain kissed cheeks, sighs and lovey-dove
Gentle touches, tears and passioned pleas
Or pleading lover on bended knees
Looks in their eyes and desparate sighs
And such sorrow when a lover dies

I read through all the comments thoroughly
Sad when readers think it's about me
This poet likes to say what he thinks
Our politics and world really stinks
We see our planet  ruined by greed
But still have hope for each tiny seed

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  1. Now I want to read some of that prose! On Sunday, we have prose pantry with Magaly and then, in two weeks, we have a midweek prompt about writing prose. But I love the poetry!

  2. This is beautifully emotive, Robin!💞 I agree, sometimes readers don't really get what we are trying to say in our poems/prose.

  3. I used to get frustrated when people thought what I wrote was specifically about me. These days, I just let it go... I still wonder how anyone can believe that so much can happen to one person, but why fight that battle?

    When I read your poetry, I imagine that is is just like mine (and many other's)--we feel things, we story them in poetry (or prose), some we've experienced and some we haven't, but they are all ours.

    I hope you bring some of your prose on Sunday, as Susan says, for my Pantry of Prose.

  4. Yes, we say it, we say it all. Poetry gets it out where we can see it.

  5. I have always had my suspicions about you having a hundred teenage girlfriends. I never believed it:)

  6. You do rock the romantic poem genre!!!! I too write in the first person all the time... very little is autobiographical!

  7. I'm so glad you're writing poetry now, though I bet your prose is just as good. I can tell you always speak (write) your mind. I'm glad for that.

  8. I know all the love stories are not yours, Robin. But I always know when it is. I love reading you.

  9. So glad you started writing poetry Robin! You are a true poet, and your poems always hold such beauty and truth. You are not alone with some of the love stories not being your personal experience. Sometimes we get our muse from other people's lives as well.

  10. It's interesting to see when (and when not) people assume something is personal. Love poetry is a delightful respite from other topics, in my opinion. :)

  11. Yes, this happens, you write the words dictated by your muse and everyone thinks its a biography.

    Still, write the words

    much love...

  12. Oh,I write in first person most of the time. Whatever it is, I guess, the message should be clear without stating the obvious....Smiles.
    Lovely poem.

  13. I think it's all down to perspective, Robin, and once we have let our words loose on the general public, they are no longer ours and readers make of them what they will. That's why comments are so interesting, although occasionally they can be a bit upsetting. If we kept our words to ourselves and didn't share them, we'd never know what anyone made of them.