Sunday, 14 April 2019

Puppet on wire

Tobacco smoke drifted about
How that brought sad memories back
When we were young and oh so free
Thinking about you loving me

Cuddled up, stoned on cheap white wine
Wanting, touching, kissing just you
Long gone days of tangerine skies
Loving, looking in your green eyes

Then winter came, you're not yourself
Both you and the days were quite cold
For that's the way, love rarely lasts
You left me as the cruel wind blasts

So I took up painting again
Daubing colors which were not bright
Except some symbols of lost love
Puppet on wire, and just one glove

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  1. I love the tangerine skies and the memory of those green eyes. And the tantalizing image of just one glove, at the end.

  2. What wonderful reflections, and you wrote them so beautifully.. Ah, the days of cheap white wine. Smiles.

  3. Great use of the prompt words! Taking up painting is not the worst thing one can do when other avenues of life close.

  4. Sadly some loves only last a season. I always thought that about spring love.

  5. Scents are so good at awaking memories, at making us yearn for what once was... at making us want more.

  6. "Long gone days of tangerine skies," this is so poignant an image!!❤️

  7. Wonderful! The painting backdrop to this piece, plays so well against the medley of scenes that unfolded in the relationship. Nicely rendered.

  8. Love can be bittersweet. This is lovely Robin.

  9. This is so poignant....and beautiful.

  10. The contrast between the living colors and the painted ones--ouch.

  11. Funny how a simple smell can bring up memories in full technicolor.

  12. Lovely happy/sad memories, and those symbols are strikingly apt.

  13. Love that last line... so good!

  14. having a creative activity to keep those sad memories at bay is a good move.
    you write such endearing love poetry.