Wednesday, 10 April 2019

See that pretty lass?

Heard a mumbling at my back
"I can't quite hear what you say
Will you stand in front of me?
I need to look at you there
That's OK, what have you to share?

"Don't you see that pretty lass?"
"You must be joking, what me?
Do you know her; what's your game?"
"Thought you'd like one of the best
Imagine her in your nest"

"What's the bargain, What's the trick?
It's all a con that's my guess
Temptation, so you can have
Some control, so what's your fee?"
Temptation just smirked "We'll see"

I spoke "Wait there a minute"
Then walked across the road
"Excuse me Miss" thus said me
She turned her head looking sweet
"Could we date, perhaps to eat?"

"You the guy that works with Dad?"
"That can't be right, it's a joke
Who's your Dad for heavens sake?"
She told his name, it was true!
What on earth should I now do?

"You're a tempting sight" I said
"If you rather not, okay"
"Had no idea he was your Pa"
She thought a bit, then "Okay"
Swapped our numbers "Ring Thursday?"

Then with that we both shook hands
Took to our separate ways
Date was fine, her Dad knew too
Glad Temptation came that day
Regardless what you might say

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  1. Temptation can be a fantastic intensive, especially when everybody involved wants. :-)

  2. This tale made me smile. Your poems make me happy, Robin.

  3. Temptation does come with surprises.

  4. Oh i luv Stanza Three where you revealed the second voice 😊


  5. That was hilarious...Staring point and progress.Loved it. :)

  6. A delight, indeed! Wonderfully written!