Sunday, 10 December 2017

I know I'm in love

We run down the beach
Reaching the shallows at last
Nudge each other in

We swim out to sea
Into deep darker water
Up to the sandbar

We watch the sailboats
Then turn to assault the waves
Returning to shore

You try to beat me
But I just get to shore first
We seat ourselves down

The sun and wind dry us
You fall asleep snuggling up
I am your puppet

It's often the case
Hope I can afford that risk
I know I'm in love

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  1. There's so much fun and anticipation when love is in the air!


  2. Sometimes, "knowing" is enough? And may each of us "be in love" for the rest of our days?

  3. The puppet has a lot of fun. Worth the risk, I'd say.
    Beach and romance. Who could ask for anything more?