Saturday, 2 December 2017

Winter afternoon

We curl up together
This winter afternoon
With wild winds out of doors
Twigs whipping the window

Your Dad's old clock chimes three
You grunt your approval
As I unfasten your bra
Wanting what I do too

As I lay my head down 
To hear your beating heart
The open fire alone 
Lights up the living room

As dusk falls we make love
Still wrapped up together
Steps outside now rouse us
You jump up and dash off

And the door bell now rings
So have to check the door
The starlit sky reveals
Your parents on the step

I force a smile for them
"Thought we would pay a call"
They said looking so pleased
"Who's that?" I hear you say

"Come on in, the fires lit"
"I'll put the kettle on"
When I take in the tea
Wife grins and winks at me

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  1. Oh I love this! Of course there are always instances when a couple is interrupted :)

  2. Nice!!! luv the interlude of parent on the steps


    much love...

  3. Ha! This is why I tell my parents to call first. I'm in my forties and can't take being that startled.

  4. Nothing like a little quickie to liven things up! Oh, and the unexpected visitors!

  5. It takes an effort to welcome the visitors if you're interrupted like that :-)

  6. Ha, a great recovery! Tea, the great smoother-over. Smiles.

  7. Bwahahaha! I love the wink of the wife. And the self-satisfied attitude of the parents, at knowing that they might've ruined a good thing.

    1. The whole thing feels so pleasantly... normal. Or, as a good normal should be.

  8. Tea can make everything better! This is a lovely slice of initimacy--

  9. Oh the tangles one experiences sometimes in life! Things don't always go as expected, but hopefully the cups of tea will give the scene a happy ending for all!

  10. Oh this was fun and true...the irony...of course it would be parents interrupting!

  11. What a pleasant little interlude, so charmingly presented, and leaving us with a smile. Well done!

  12. You are good at Wordles. Seamless use of the words to tell a tale. Well done !

  13. You have sketched the scene well - to great comic effect - and brought a smile.

  14. Teenage memory? Could have been any of us.