Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The mirror and I

The mirror and I have never been friends
I don't see how we can make amends
The image it has provided me with 
Reflects not me but some ugly myth

Perhaps I've seen too many movies
With me a star dating lovey-doveys
I am quite tall surely that must count
But with rippling muscles I really don't

So I shun the looks of that wall hanging
And walk the streets with my heart banging
Smiling eagerly at all the girls
Especially ones with long blonde curls

I don't know what the problem is now
All they do is laugh and jeer, I vow
As in the park the flowers I observe
"Go home granddad, you've got a nerve"

Later that evening the mirror glints
There's an old man in the shadowy tints
I sigh deeply and must accept the truth
I really am an old man now "Strewth!"

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  1. I have never had that great of a relatonship with the mirror. My vanity would be picking myself apart.

    Ya gotta love the spunk tho. spunk. The truth catches us all eventually.

  2. I'm not certain that accepting it is necessary, but it makes for a mighty fine poem! How to stay young but not delusional? Maybe look in the mirror less than once a day?

  3. Oh, we're still young at heart, Robin! I smiled at the photo.......I am occasionally startled to see my grandma looking at me from the mirror. LOL.

  4. Older yes, but experience does make up for a lot. :D

  5. I am always amazed when I look into the mirror and see not my young self but the current elderly me. And yes, experience makes up for a lot!

  6. Mirrors and aging..incompatible:)

  7. It's wonderful to remain young at heart and mind. And the truth is we are not the body :)

  8. Wow!๐Ÿ’ž This is so deep. I never thought about it like this before i.e. that the mirror isn't compatible when it comes to vanity rather it reflects something else entirely. Beautifully rendered, Robin!๐Ÿ’ž

  9. Ha! Thank God there's this 'mirror'that keeps our minds alert, Robin!
    Fantastic take on the prompt! :))

  10. Getting old gracefully, why not! It's a numbers game, anyway


  11. Mirror mirror on the wall. we all have to face up . Nice write Robin. Happy you dropped into read mine

    much love...