Sunday, 17 December 2017

Attention to detail

There was hardly a ripple on the water
As we now basked in the midday sun
I preferred watching the waves heap up
Gigantic in the their fury onto the beach
Then skitter back down foaming at us like fools

Gulls meanwhile searched for who knows what
As they'd eat any left over rubbish
Being the hobos of the shoreline
Wiser terns would circle high then dive in
To gain select items like connoiseurs

Meanwhile Angela called me back down to earth
On her knees with lotion bottle in hand
My task to apply oil as directed
Clearly a simple job made for able men
A sort of reward for services rendered

I make no bones about it, it was great fun
But attention to detail was noticed
She was in the throes of annoyance
I was sent off to wander the shore again
The wise terns shook their heads at me in disgust

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  1. Oh those lovely wise terns eating like connoisseurs and judging humans!!!

  2. I had a good giggle at it. In matters of the heart be a tern not a hasty gull.

  3. What a lovely scene you set here. I enjoyed visualizing the terns shaking their heads in disgust - they see so much!

  4. Yes, nicely captured - made me smile... Exactly... Been there, done that... Presume apply rather than apple oil! Though rather like the notion/potion anyway.... Hey! Ho!

    1. Thanks Scott I have corrected apple/apply error now.

  5. This made me smile, Robin. I can see her annoyance....and the terns'. LOL.

  6. You are so good at giving me a giggle. He is so excited about the rubbing that her frustration and the disgust of the terns makes the whole thing a tad hysterical.

  7. Ha.. you have to be careful delivering service... the terns are wiser.

  8. This one made me laugh! I can picture her annoyance and the wise terns as they shake their heads in disgust.

  9. Wonderfully sketched. I love the light touches of humor that you infuse so many of your pieces with. Delightful!

  10. You made me laugh at the "wise terns"

    much love...

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    much love...

  13. You really painted a picture here, almost felt like I was there. Nicely done!

  14. A very clear picture.. nicely done with fun...loved this!

  15. Ha. Too much attention, I'm sure. Love how you describe the beach.