Sunday, 10 December 2017

Lost pearl

The wild winter winds are cold outside
Rain traces tears down the window pane
Dead leaves swirling in the courtyard
Point their fingers for I am to blame
For she has finally left me here

What a homecoming this is for me
House now shrouded in bleakest darkness
I walk though all the rooms in despair
Each precious moment now crams my brain
The error of my ways is now clear

It was spring when we met that first time
Beautiful the past days seem to be
My mind tries to block out each sad thought
For the affair with that other girl
Lost the richest pearl I held so dear

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  1. Oh that regret! Like the image of rain tracing tears down the window pane.

  2. Oh dear. Regret is a heavy burden. Largely because we idealise our memories, but heavy none the less.

  3. I like this one. A lost pearl indeed!

  4. Sometimes there's no coming back from a bad choice.

  5. Sometimes our regrets help us become better and allow us to see things with a different perspective. Beautifully penned.

  6. The speaker paid a heavy price for his infidelity, and rightly so!

  7. Deception can be a costly business, especially when we betray our heart...

  8. This is a sad and sorry tale that is all too familiar. Well penned, my friend. I like the rain like tears and the leaves in the courtyard, echoing the desolation.

  9. Ah the regret.....if only he had thought of what could happen before...... a lesson for sure.

  10. So much can be lost for that single affair... think before is the best.

  11. The environment always knows what is precious, especially when it goes. Pointing fingers, raining broken pearls.

  12. Bad choices have a way of exacting a painful price. Well penned.

  13. Ah, how many times has this scene played itself out. How many lessons learned! Well said

  14. An opening and closing scene, both well painted with your fine use of words.

  15. O dear this is a sincere lament. Luv the closing line just summs up the feelings of the persona

    "Lost the richest pearl I held so dear"

    Much love...

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    much love...