Monday, 2 September 2013

Where is it safe?

Where could they shelter?

They felt the tremors above them

Could this be the end?


Just where is it safe

Now their homes were just rebuilt

What of the children?


Slashing and burning

Oh, do they not have mercy?

Trampling and crushing


The cry came again

The community was abuzz

It is the humans!


  1. Very nice, O.E. ~~ I was trying to figure out who and where this was happening. I never guessed as I was thinking cities in far away places.

    God has many creatures on His earth and we are their stewards/caretakers. But we forget.

  2. Curiously Jim, I had a need to write about wild bees for no reason whatsoever and this piece came by itself.

  3. I was picturing a busy city. Maybe the bees think of us that way ;o)

  4. This is an important poem, as honeybees are threatened in the wild. I like this very much. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Very good poem with a great message. I certainly didn't guess the ending. I can picture it well, now that I know they're bees, seeing as how we have a HUGE beehive in one of the trees on our property.

  6. Very nice. We grow flowers to encourage bees and birds and butterflies. Thankfully, this year we have seen a few more honeybees than in the last couple of years.

  7. Funny it must be living on a farm that animals and humans were the first order of conflict that came to mind... not bees though... great poem.

  8. The clue was that "the community was abuzz".

  9. Robin, what a delight to find you joining us this morning, and with such a wonderful offering as well! :-) I loved the message of this poem, too often we look at things from only our human perspective and fail to realize that all God's creatures are under our care. Awesome contribution to TST, thank you!!

  10. Like the others, I was also trying to figure out, who/what are these poor creatures? But I loved the clue you left for us! It definitely gives an intense frenzied feeling and leaves you feeling sad for the bees. A great reminder to make sure we protect these helpful creatures! Great post.

  11. When we build our new homes we certainly displace or kill many critters. Yes we do. It's a shame.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  12. It that supposed to be a dramatic view of a ants ant pile being destroyed? I really liked it, great story!
    : )

  13. I've often wondered what it must be like to be so vulnerable to human whims. Unlike other creatures, some of us destroy just for amusement. We are a cruel lot.