Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A sad song

Spring sprung fresh and new

How I am in love with you

That scent of longing


Now summer’s balmy breath

Teases with her fecundity

With those warm kisses


Blow, blow autumn winds

And mark the passing of time

As those sad leaves fall


And now we must part

Winter beckons with icy breath

And I say farewell


  1. Nice poem. It's still warm here, especially compared to last year where we got an early autumn. But summer doesn't seem to want to quit this year. It's already in the 40's in upstate New York. Probably going to be a early winter there. : )

  2. You did this very well. It's fun to see each week what take folks have on the prompts.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  3. Beautiful verse on not only the seasons of the year, but the seasons of our lives as well! When we were young we couldn't wait for them to pass, now that I am older time seems to be flying by too quickly. Thank you, Robin, this was a lovely contribution for Two Shoes Tuesday.

  4. Very nice, O.G. It flows smoothly and suggest a toss-up between wanting to linger or being "can't wait" for the next.

    I love to think I'm doing Autumn but it will be a short winter unless I divide by four and admit to Winter. My cronies, the ones still alive, all think they are in Autumn also. People are funny that way I think.

  5. Well written... very nice imagery. I am with Josie it makes me think of the seasons of life really...