Thursday, 19 September 2013

Does a porpoise have a purpose?

Does a porpoise have a purpose?            

And is there meaning to our lives?             

Why do we congregate together                            

Like those busy bees in their hives?                          


There’s that famous line in ‘Grand Hotel’              

Garbo said “I want to be alone”                              

She must have had a premonition                         

Soon all would have a mobile phone                     


I am a loner and I love it                                           

What bliss there is in solitude                                 

Breathing in the air unsullied                                   

Vacuuming the house in the nude       


  1. Speaking as an introvert, I love this!

  2. Gone over to 'Potty Poems' now, have we? I thought that was my prerogative!

  3. Your third verse could have been written by me - not as well of course, but the sentiment is mine too!

  4. Truly that's how the modern world is ... we all dwell in solitude, and are really contented with it.

  5. " She must have had a premonition
    Soon all would have a mobile phone "

    my favourite lines and i smiled when i read them; have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  6. Oh what a hoot! Reminds me of my Florida days: there was a crazy classic rock radio station with the wildest morning show, had a house-cleaning in the nude day on Thursdays I think!