Sunday, 8 September 2013

Our Intrigue

The avenue's near

One end you can hear the tram

The other church bells


One a call to work

And but a short walk from it

A call to prayer


I answered neither

I only sat in the park

Waiting for Milly


And from the center

She walked every day

It was our intrigue


Dimensions of love

Are broad it was our magic

It truly changed me


But we had to pay

Now we have stains on our hearts

Where love used to be


  1. Oh this is delicate and lovely and ultimately hauntingly beautiful. Thank you :)

  2. Why are you pretending to be an American? (spelling)

  3. You never know what will be left behind, in the place of love?

  4. Looks like you have just described my area, the train, the church and the park in between!!

  5. Center was one of the prompt words Rallentanda and as I am a purist I used it instead of our centre. I'll try not to make that faux pas again.

  6. This is a lovely piece. It's interesting how many of us used stain for hearts, spirits, or souls. There's a soft tone to this that I really enjoy.

  7. Intrigues often end that way, but the stain that remains can bring a fond smile of remembrance.

  8. This reads like a whispered tale told over a glass of wine, or two. Soft and delicate.


  9. Old Egg, I love this, but this part spoke to me:
    "One a call to work
    And but a short walk from it
    A call to prayer"

    Really gorgeous that.


  10. It always ends up like that! OK, maybe not always, but more often than not. Nicely written Old. :)

  11. I love this poem. Even though the ending is so sad I love the way it goes.

  12. I love the poem, sad ending and all!

  13. Your words settle perfectly into the space were love was. well done.

  14. Thinking of songs this morning and your verse reminds me of the song: "Me and Mrs. Jones" ...had a thing going on - but they were both married to other people and had to 'end' it.

    Nicely done. And I for one appreciate your effort to use the spelling of the words in the list. But would not be offended either if you chose to use the spelling that was more comfortable to you.

    Thanks for stopping by my wordle, Jules

  15. "...stains on our hearts
    Where love used to be"

    This is a gut wrenching line, OldEgg! You've written this from a knowing place, I can tell. I've been there and that's a recognizable tale.

  16. I love this was magic! Is this not what we're looking secretly all life...Now you know :)x

  17. what a gorgeous haiku string; i posted my wordle 125 response only today, late this week

    much love