Sunday, 15 September 2013

Violet was her name

She was vivacious

And just my sort of girlfriend

Short, sassy and single


Violet by name

She manipulated me

But I didn’t care


A vision to see

A grin spread over her face

Oh she mastered me


How I miss her vibrancy

Did she go the whole slather

I’m left vacuous


  1. Oh how I pine for a woman who will go the whole slather!
    I guess the second best is a Japanese bath-house. :-/

  2. Vacuous...? Sounds like you've had your fill... ;)

  3. I wrote about a Violet, too. Our minds thought along the same lines this morning. Liked your poem.

  4. "She manipulated me, but I didn't care..." I remember a young man I felt that way about once upon a time. Nice response to the words, OE.

  5. Now this is a chicken and (Old) egg - if you know you are being manipulated does it still count as manipulation! Ah, but who does care if it's all Violet and nice..

  6. I like "she manipulated me and I didn't care" makes one wonder who was manipulating who

  7. She must have been a winner to manipulate you without your caring!

    Night Class in German

  8. Brilliant piece! and it seems you're doing IT masterfully! :)

  9. Great use of the words and I was left wanting to know a bit more about Violet!

  10. When you know you're being manipulated, and can choose to allow it, is it really manipulation, or just the price you must pay? ;-)

  11. Lovely and enjoying the discussion about when is "manipulation" manipulation?
    I do believe that one can know one is being manipulated and still go along with it ...especially in the context of this poem - when a young man is involved with a "short sassy Violet" -lol :)

  12. Manipulation could also be defined as maneuvering and we all do it to some extent. It can be fun, that not caring, and may be the single best reason for allowing it.


  13. I like the suggestive style you chose.

  14. Old Egg, nice use of the words with little story.


  15. i think you did great with this the poem. thanks for sharing!