Thursday, 19 September 2013

She looks good to me

I offer her a drink

She shows her glass still half full

A pout on her lips


Then shakes her head

More in fun than in denial

She looks good to me


It is Saturday

I am in a bar tonight

Must look too lonely


I’ll wait for my mates

Fact is I am not handsome

Better in a crowd


Look around the room

Life’s sure not easygoing

Breathe in sex and booze


She taps my shoulder

“You’re lucky, I’ve changed my mind

I’ve just been dumped”


  1. That's the time to say: "Thanks, but no thanks!"

  2. In fact I think the sly easygoing one is about to be dumped again by a wise old handsome man!!

  3. So, sometimes the bridesmaid wins? There's hope for me yet!

  4. Beer goggles time? I love your poems Old Egg..they are like a cocktail of wry humour..a little sadness..and a cherry that it fact or fiction..

  5. If you're her second choice, keep looking...unless she's your second choice, too!

  6. sounds like he should say sorry I'm waiting for someone special and you're not it.