Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Escape Plan

“So what’s up with you? Whatever you do don’t cringe in the corner or you will never get out,” woofed Sparky.
“What to you know?” moaned Spot.
“I’ve been here before. This is where my master got me a few years back.”
“So he didn’t like you then?”
“Far from it. They liked me I played with their kid and all was fine until they had to live in the city. They got an apartment in a high rise…not suitable for pets…so they had to let me go…such a shame as I really liked the kid. We used to roll on the floor togther and when I barked he pretended to as well. But I am digressing, how about you?”
“All I did was to have a little snack…and they got rid of me.”
“Yes, I know your type. You made a simple blunder and bit someone didn’t you? Was it the postman?”
“No, a neighbour with a mower. It was only a bark and a little nip.”
“But you drew blood though, didn’t you?”
“Oh, just shut up about it.”
“The main thing is we have got to get out of here otherwise we will have to go to that building over there.”
“What’s over there?”
“That’s the end of the road. If nobody wants you after a few weeks you will be put down.”
“Put down where?”
At this point Sparky rolled on his back with his feet in the air and his tongue hanging out. “Do you get it, now?”
“So what’s your plan?”
“First be friendly with the girl handlers then go over the top with prospective owners. Watch and learn my friend. Listen there’s someone coming now…wait, just what are you doing?”
“I am going to the back of the enclosure.”
“No, no, no. That’s the wrong thing to do. When they come get all excited and wag your tail. Run around in a circle and…oh, just watch me.”
“You must be joking.”
“Hello boys,” said the young handler. ”Well someone is happy to me, Isn’t your friend coming to say hello too?”
With that Spot slowly walked to the front of his enclosure and cautiously wagged his tail…just a little, then sat down looking at her.
Then Sparky barked to Spot. “When she enters you cage lick her hand and if she bends down lick her face. Apart from that your on your own, I want to get out of here first.”
“No, I can’t do that she will smell of powder and perfume which is a horrible taste.”
“You are as daft as a cat. The handlers smell like us. Give her a kiss.”
Later that day the handler brought some potential customers around.
“As I said you're on you own, Spot. I’ve got to get out of here.”
“How can you tell if they will be good or not?”
“Adults with a boy are good especially if he is happy to be licked. If it is a little girl don’t jump up on her but lean on her and just nuzzle in her hand affectionately. Other than that don't look sulky"

The young handler came up with the family then said “we have two boys here both looking for a home. This one is Spot and this one is Sparky.”
“Have you gone mad, Sparky? Why are running in a circle with you tongue hanging out?
“Because I am going to leave on the next bus out of here…hang on Spot, what are you doing now with you head cocked to one side with one paw up. Who taught you that trick?


  1. I think my cat followed a similar philosophy. She was all sweet and lovey-dovey at the shelter, then once she had a home with us, she was like, "Later, bipeds! I've got some stalking and climbing to do!"

  2. Quite an involved conversation these two are having!

  3. I just recently noticed, that even dog's thoughts have smell...~ very intuitive this Spot...:)

  4. I love the dogs view sounds about right.