Sunday, 15 April 2018

Then the rain started to fall

Her calm green eyes stared at me
As she flicked her long fair hair
From her sweet face, mouth a grin
Unswayed as we both stood still

People they passed on both sides
In spite of that we stayed there
Both simultaneously
Smiling at one another

So we then started talking
Nothing about the scene fazed us
I reached up to touch your face
You let me, grinning, nodding

Then the rain started to fall
Holding hands we sought cover
Then entered a small cafe
Sitting close to the window

"I want you to be my wife"
A gracious smile on your face
"Perhaps" you said quietly
Rain washed down the gutters

"I've got a check list here"
"You look quite healthy, that's good"
She then took out her iPhone
"I've nothing booked, so yes"

Memories are foolish things
My mind spends hours in that realm
What I had, I now have lost
And never more can reclaim


  1. A poem witha tinge of happiness, sadness, loss.... Beautiful

  2. I have those memories too. It was nice to read of the one you wrote. In mine it was winter, even for Houston. Our small cafe was Mexican. She said "yes" but after 13 years it ended. She said "yes" three more times, the last one has lasted over 20 years now. Like I said, I still remember, I hope for her this one lasts until one dies. They promised, you know.

  3. Along with the regret of loss, will be hopefully the good memories to keep one going.

  4. This is such a heart-stirring poem, Robin!💞

  5. The dialogue is so perfect, Robin. The lightness of their tone, the easy way with which they approach such serious matters is heart-touching, all of it makes the memory extra bittersweet.

  6. But thankfully, back then, we had it, my friend. Golden years, in memory. I live there a lot, too.

  7. Memory's Realm can be golden...

  8. Oh my! A lovely tale..... but....but...,what happened?

  9. Memories like that are forever branded in our heart, and are easy to linger on over and over. This is a lovely capturing of just that!!