Sunday, 29 April 2018

Our eyes kept meeting

My brain screamed at me
"Go! Enough of work today"
Grabbed my case and went

Passed drinking fountain
Three plant pots and notice board
To the vestibule

Pressed the down button
A fresh office girl had joined me
Long wait for the lift

We both smiled hello
"You are new aren't you" I asked
She nodded shyly

When the lift arrived
She entered first, which pleased me
Then hit one "OK?"

"Where else?" I then said
Silenced by other workers 
Now piling aboard

At every floor more
Passengers boarded the lift
Our shoulders now touched

Lift was so crowded
I was wedged right at the back
With the office girl

Everyone faced front
On the long journey downward
Pressing each other

A curl from her hair
Fell across her pretty face
Wanted to kiss her

At last the ground floor
I reached down to hold her hand
Everyone spilled out

Into the dark street
"How about the flicks?" I asked
She spun round "Tonight?"

Ignoring the screen
Sticky hands still together
Our eyes kept meeting

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