Monday, 2 April 2018


You lay close to me
Side by side at the clay pit
Watching, listening

It was springtime now
The birds were gathering clay
For their new year's nests

Close together now
I felt the touch of your skin
And your body's warmth

Birdwatching is fun
Muffling our talk, keeping still
And whistling like them

Our field guides on hand
Taking photos, never eggs
Prying every bush

Push and pulling
One another up steep climbs
Such togetherness

Such fun getting lost
Then finding our way back home
To our own back yard

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  1. What a beautiful memory captured in your words.....

  2. I think that is why we like to get lost, we love to find our way back home We have removed the feeders, since she got our kitty. He being "killer" and all. I keep looking for a place he won't get them. I remember the excitment, of seeing the birds at what seemed like "play," as they selected seeds from the feeder.

  3. You make bird watching a fun event. Happy Easter, Robin.

    Monday WRites 148 is live. Please link in

    much love...

  4. It sounds so lovely. And it is always so nice to get back home.

  5. My father spent many years living out in the country, where he logged over 100 species of birds right from his kitchen window. He'll have to travel a bit to see them now, I guess.

  6. I really love the simple sweetness of this piece, with all its interwoven complexities--never take the eggs, getting lost and finding, people being people together... and being sooo good at it. :-)