Friday, 6 April 2018

Tears on your letter

I read the tears on your letter
Your words they told me less
The winds of winter blow
But you will grow so strong
By the time that spring comes along

My husband also looked aside
When our child came along
A friend was there for me
Catching all my sad tears
Now dear I want to quell your fears

You are different now in his eyes
Since baby came along
Cuddle him like before
Childish doubts will soon wane
To sing a song of love again

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  1. This is an aspect of motherhood we dont often think about - how it sometimes changes a wife in the eyes of her husband.............this is an interesting response to the prompt. Thank you, Robin.

  2. Very endearing words of encouragement for the new mother who now has assumed a new portfolio within her married life.
    Lovely poem Robin


  3. I love this, and think it's one of your very best. Such delicacy, such understanding. Such a beautifully imagined other voice.

  4. I agree, this is beautifully and heart-wrenchingly beautiful, Robin!💞

  5. This is filled with compassion for a woman's voice that is seldom heard. Lovely, Robin!