Thursday, 7 September 2017

We needed no words

I saw it in your eyes
That infinitesimal sign
The stirring of rapture
We met on the platform
Winter wind did nothing
To cool the ardor in us
It had been two long years
Nothing could stop us now
We needed no words

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44 words used including Infinitesimal, Rapture, Cool


  1. No words needed, when a hug and kiss can say it all.

  2. Ah... hearts speak beyond words

  3. There's something special about hellos and goodbyes at railway stations.We're all romantics at heart. :)

  4. You write the best romantic poems ever, Robin!! Unforgettable write❤️

  5. Two years is a long, long time to be separated. My six months seemed an eternity. Of course that was before social media. You've done really good with these romantic poems, I have enjoyed reading them. Thank you,

  6. Sometimes word means less than actions...