Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The look in your eyes

It was the look in your eyes
When you put your hand in mine
And the way you held me tight 
On this fine June wedding day

How we clung close together
On this our Paris honeymoon
Close to Parc de Luxembourg
Hotel a short walk away

Used the Metro all the time
To find the Rue de Rivoli
And the Musee de Louvre
Rode that train everyday

Went up the Eiffel Tower
Sailed a cruise boat down the Seine
Fell in love with Montmartre
Walked along the Quai d'Orsay

Shopping Galleries Lafayette
What a delight that was too
My poor legs were younger then
When we also shopped Bon Marche

But those days are now long gone
For I live now all alone
But what memories I hold
Of our June wedding day

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Yes, my wife Maureen and I spent our honeymoon in Paris in 1957


  1. I love this. It wasn't a honeymoon, but my 60th birthday when Paris left her mark on me. Still, you took me down one of the best memory lanes.

  2. Paris is always such a beautiful memory.. perhaps more so if it was a honeymoon!!!

  3. Always had a visit to Paris in my dreams. Haven't materialized. Oh but dream should be kept alive.

    Thanks for your lovely poem Robin

    Much love

  4. Aw..A Paris honeymoon is to be cherished forever.

  5. Some lovely memories and superb imagery. Thanks for sharing

  6. Such sweet and lovely memories, Robin........wonderful to have had such happy times!

  7. This is lovely!❤️ Thank you for sharing, Robin!❤️

  8. Wonderful memories of Paris. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh gorgeous poem What a sweet memories. I love Paris It was only 5 hours drive from where I lived in Holland. So I know most of the places you mention. What a great city Now I am on memory lane lol

  10. Lovely memories, Robin. Enjoyed reading this.

  11. Ahh... those precious memories.

  12. Oh, how I loved those memories you shared! They make me feel warm & hope they were ALL true.

    1. Yes all true, we even got caught up in a student protest one evening after dinner but luckily were released by the gendarmes when my bad french was clearly foreign!

  13. Such a wonderful flow of words and thoughts - glad they are true as well

  14. Robin, I believe life is in the details...they make each day better!I love your memories...
    Sometimes it’s easy to feel lonely because you’re alone in life. However, remember that no matter how bad your situation may seem, there are tens of thousands of priceless memories to be grateful for in life. Beautiful beautiful piece...took me to my younger days!

  15. How romantic to honeymoon in Paris, Robin. My favorite city in the world, although she has broken my heart more than once. But that's the way with beauty, isn't it. Lovely memories here.

  16. You have beautiful memories and the heart of romantic.

  17. Your memories surpassed everything and everyone else's. Nice to reflect and so keeping them alive.


  18. So romantic! 'Love'ly:)
    Memories last a lifetime for you & me...