Saturday, 30 September 2017

The carnival's over


I woke from my imaginary world
To the comforting sound of my garden
Noisy parrots squabbling in the fruit trees
Stealing ripening fruit before I could
While I lay abed idle and listless
Not being allowed to exert myself
Recovering from the operation

Drifting off again in Morpheus's arms
I now heard someone pounding on the door
A throbbing drumbeat of pure insistence
Rattling enough to get me out of bed
I staggered to the door, Annie was there
Secretly I have always admired her
I'm lying again, I really love her

I did up my dressing gown, she just laughed
"Came round to see if you needed anything?'
She leaned over to kiss me on the cheek
The sweet scent of her body rang a bell
My hand caressed her warm cheek lovingly
She took my hand and pulled me to the bed
The carnival's over fasting no more

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  1. That was a cute story, Robin. Can’t help but to smile. She’s powerful enough to pull you out of the imaginary world. :)

  2. That ended on a sexy note. haha, and it's only the morning here! Blessed day Robin.

  3. Like the usage 'Morpheus arms'. And 'hot romantic end

  4. A lovely story Robin and romantic it is.
    And I am glad your fasting is over! :o]
    Anna :o]

  5. Of course, i worried at the narrator's stitches, lol. But one can dream them away. I love coming to your site because thrre is always a love story.

  6. There are those moments when we really come together as one... maybe we all dream about that one moment when the pieces of the puzzle just fits.

  7. A gentle read that ends with a sigh and a smile!

  8. Drumbeat of pure insistence... like that!!!

  9. Yay! for ending the fasting with the kiss. Love the tone, the playfulness... and the glorious ending.

  10. A nice bit of romance here.

  11. Awakening passion. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ah what love and lust can do for our healing from an operation....what pain we will endure for that love!

  13. What a lovely reality to waken into - from an imaginary world. But watch those stitches ... ouch. Smiles.

  14. This is fantastic.


  15. I was, as always, enthralled by your tale, and I love the hot and happy ending.

  16. I am becoming increasingly concerned about the vast numbers of women featuring in your life.It is putting too much strain on your health, the reason no doubt you ended up in hospital. I suggest you reduce your intake of Sydney rock oysters and magic mushrooms, as these both are very high in aphrodisiac properties.Besides you are giving a bad impression of Aussie men of a certain age to os(overseas) women. We don't want them coming here in boat loads cruelling if for the locals.

    1. Damn! It is the oysters and mushrooms that drive me on is it? I thought it was the girls in the cafe I frequent. No worry about the OS women coming over here now that our immigration rules have tightened.

  17. Cheers to the festivities!!!

    much love

    Monday WRites 125 is live
    I invite you to link in

    much love...

  18. You are one sexy, romantic Old Egg!

  19. Beautiful and sexy, Robin. Yes, yes!!