Saturday, 2 September 2017

Our secret cove

The moment we first found the beach
We loved the place, was our secret cove
We rode our bikes there come rain or shine
Even in the misty summertime
Fighting our way through the scrubland plants
Rocky first, then sand then choppy sea
Salt smell on our noses, gulls calling
Where no-one else came to, except us
It cast its spell on us, we were hooked
I'd wade in the sea but you dived in
Then re-appear glistening, smiling
You even liked the misty moments
When a sea fog rolled in towards us
Which for some reason gave me bad vibes
For it certainly was a warning
Didn't know you used to come alone
As you knew how the beach would be
Was even sand on your bike's spokes
And the little half truths you told me
But sadly all that's obvious now
That you had been meeting someone else
The police came round to talk to me
Then took me in for questioning
Only then did they tell me what was up
Your bloodied body was found down there
Everyone knew that's where we both went

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