Sunday, 7 May 2017

Just Jim

Just Jim was his name
He was old and thin
And his gaze told of better days

Wandered by himself
Scorning lifts in cars
Trudging the road was life for him

I saw him once 
In a clover field
Watching the clouds drift slowly by

Then by running stream
Did ease his parched thirst
In August's month of flaring sun

Tiny was his footprint
Broad his winsome smile
In sand dunes or the melting snow

He laughed with such joy
Midst some milkweed plants
Then thick with Monarch butterflies

He loved this wild world
And saw more than most
Happy no doubt to perish there

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  1. Midst some milkweed plants
    Then thick with Monarch butterflies... what a joyous sight!

  2. Happiness is where you find it. No-one else can dictate where.

  3. Butterflies are a good guide to follow

  4. Rich and emphatic portraiture here, simply elegant.

  5. Happy in his own way – and what better can any of us ask?

  6. I love the idea of following butterflies ❤️ Beautifully poignant.

  7. Endings are often sad... But when one gets lucky, bittersweet is possible. If we are going anyway, it's a gift to go on one's own terms... and in a place one loves.

  8. "He loved this wild world." Such souls are happier than many, I do believe.

  9. This is like following your heart or intuition. Thanks for the reminder, Robin.

  10. The "perish" feels like such a dash of cold water to the face, even though the first sentence told us he exists in past tense. Yet, there is such a joy to this, even though we know things must end, that the reader feels happy that he was happy with his decisions and where it took him.

  11. I think this sounds like the best end you can wish for acutally.

  12. He may be "just Jim", but I think he saw the world in ways many will never know. He set his own path and traveled with the wind.

  13. Would that all our footprints in this fragile world were tiny like Jim's!

  14. such a good portrait of Jim. Enjoyed reading this.

  15. How I'd love to sit by a campfire and hear Jim tell stories!

  16. Some people are born with wise old souls. For others, it is a long journey to a state of peaceful acceptance and serenity in nature's ways. Though their path is often seen as unconventional, and even eccentric ... they are blessed.

  17. A story well told
    Happy Sunday

    much love...

  18. Lots of vivid imagery. You bring him to life,


  19. Certainly one of my favs of yours!!

  20. They are happy doing their own thing! It's all that matters!