Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Wife now sound asleep

Perhaps she would sleep now
Was there when she was born
And helping the midwife
Now we are on our own
Me listening each night

It was blowing a gale
Twigs slapping on the glass
Wife now sound asleep
Breathing quite steadily
Who says dad's sleep right through?

Baby daughter whimpers
Please don't cry I whisper
But she is unsettled
Tiny hand reaches though crib
With its pink wooden rails

Is she needing a feed?
Quietly I get up
Rocking her gently in hope
But now she wants to play
Coos and murmurs at me

Carefully I lift her up
Take her to the lounge room
It's halfway through the night
She's happy to play now
Gurgling her own sweet words

Crisp cold of next day's dawn
Wife finds me nursing babe
Now sleeping in my arms
And I ache all over
Dark bags beneath my eyes

"Been up long?" she enquires
Smiling happily now
"I'll get a cup of tea"
She looks so beautiful
So glad it is Saturday

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This poem is one I have rewritten from an earlier one and seems to fit the prompt


  1. Nice one Robin, Have a good Wednesday

    much love...

  2. It's good to know there are caring fathers in the world

  3. I sighed too. Robin, you are the sweetest man. Your wife was one lucky woman! I love this poem! One of my new faves of yours.

  4. This poem is truly delightful. How beautifully you write about this most special memory. So utterly sweet!

  5. So wonderful to read a father's side, and so gently and lovingly written. This touched my heart.

  6. daddy's little girl beautifully written

  7. Fatherhood changes a man completely. Delightful... there's something satin about the poem! Tender, gentle and absolutely beautiful, Robin.

  8. It's so beautifully described. A newborn's hand is art!