Saturday, 27 May 2017

Just one more winter

My warm breath steamed out
The cold winter had come
My fingers were blue

Sad crimped grassy tufts
Hung yellowing heads in shame
Cold stones stared at me

Still I took a walk
Boots cracking the ice puddles
This cruel seasons work

Tree limbs bowed with snow
Mine too seeped with distant dreams
Of life as it was

Workers out early
Overlapping the piles of snow 
To get traffic through

Just one more winter
Old age is like that all year
A tree branch snapped off

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  1. Oh that time when we have to face winter year around... the end is chilling beng a tree branch snapped off,

  2. I love this change in style Old Egg - very vivid..I could hear those branches

  3. I too love the image of the tree branch snapped... Visceral and chilling.

  4. To me old age is what you wish for. I wish for an opening rose bud, a spring leaf or two. It'll probably just be a snapped branch though!

    My Sunday Whirl - Heaven can wait

  5. Still, the walk was taken.
    Will old age be like that all year? It may well lead to another spring.

  6. Such vivid imagery. I can feel the cold and weariness. Even so, along the walk, winter is taken in. What seems bleak is full of life and color.

  7. Old age is like that all year
    A tree branch snapped off

    A reality where some are there earlier than others!