Wednesday, 3 May 2017

What's new?

I can remember long ago
When news was a precious thing
It informed us what was new
Not just photos of stars in bling

Editors views were near the front
Headlines were important too
Now I search for everything
With adverts screaming at you

I think back to former times
Each word was important news
But now a paper's useful job
Is a place where I clean my shoes

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  1. LOL, I needed this poem and the way it made me chuckle......I was a newspaper reporter back in the day and in those days there were high standards and there was real news, it wasnt corporately things have changed, and not for the better.

  2. And what an expensive shoe cleaner it is!

  3. With a virtual newspaper, where does one clean one's shoes? :)

  4. Excellent take on the prompt. Your pic reminded me of my childhood. Polishing shoes on the newspaper to earn my pocket money.That would probably constitute child abuse now.

  5. Robin, your poem brought memories of my oma using the local paper, as liner, for her Budgie cage. Swear that Budgie was better inform, than most of us, grandchildren were.

  6. oh yes so true...whenever I get 'The Hindu' daily I feel better because still almost every word counts...otherwise it is the same'With adverts screaming at you
    '....even in digital world the news paper feels so good to hold...loved this poem!

  7. Bwahahahaha I so adore those closing lines, Robin!❤️

  8. Love that photo to match this truthful poem, Robin.

  9. Yes, how it has changed since the whole family kept quiet so Dad could hear the evening news on the wireless! ABC of course. I still have the habit of watching the nightly news on ABC-TV. But I have to confess I am one of those who has stopped supporting the newsprint on paper.

    1. PS Just for your American readers, Robin – our ABC in Australia is NOT like the one over there. It's the public broadcaster, and one of the few sources we can still trust.

  10. Man, this is true and way too relevant. It's pretty sad (the state of news headlines). Great poem.

  11. Spot couldn't have said it better, Robin!!Ad age is killing....Modern day newspapers are changing the overall media landscape.
    Oh, how I loved the last line!! So true!:)))
    Sorry, my internet was down, so got delayed this time!