Sunday, 28 May 2017

Dreaming of my childhood

In my dreams I revisit my childhood
Those magic halcyon days now long gone
When innocence coupled with adventure
Exploring life's maze while the sun still shone

On our bikes we surveyed our little world
Cycling by main roads and lonely back lanes
We'd search for huffing steam railway engines 
Or even some screaming jet aeroplanes

Pursuing each other up hill and down dale
Finding backroads and splashing through ford's streams
Always searching for the edge of our world 
All this comes back I now see in my dreams

How full our lives were, so little we knew
Of marriage and working and all that to do
Confining adventures we now enjoyed
For that distant future we had had no clue

Now in my old age the whole picture I see
But still I wish that I was capable
To trace my way back to that time in mind
For way back then it was but a fable

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