Saturday, 20 May 2017

Must get away

Urban traffic
Cars and noise
Peoples voices
Scent of decay
Shouts and smells 
Must get away

Tire tracks have ended
A lines was crossed
Now I am me
The wild place begun
All birds sang out
My world was now free

Flimsy clouds high above
Birds stilted voices
They now sang out loud
For their message is clear
Sun shines down on us
So far from the mad crowd

How wonderful is nature
We trip and dance with glee
To breathe in that message
Three great gasps of this freedom
To bask in this heaven
And glory in its visage

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  1. Peace, perfect peace. Nature is wonderful indeed.

    My Sunday Whirl!

  2. I think I'd want to get away from all that traffic too..makes our local dual carriageway look like a horse and cart route

  3. Nature is a balm, and your poem is a celebration. Lovely, sweet relief!