Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My grey smoky world

I was born into a grey smoky world
Much like the coal in the lounge room fire
Father, uncles, grandfathers smoked away
And some of my aunties dared to as well
They all puffed along as life was so grey

As soon I was aware I looked around
Britain was a very grey place indeed
Smoke belched from nearly every chimney
In wartime bombed buildings did so too 
Caused fog in town making it hard to see

Then when a teen tried my first cigarette
Under the bushes with my friend at school
For a lark hoping we wouldn't be seen
But we were so we both got our hands caned 
Which put me off smoking as a teen

With freedom from school and a job as well
Got me tasting every fag in the land
But girlfriend didn't care for smoky kisses
Soon after deciding she was the one
Tossed the habit and made her my missus

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Please note this poem just has a little truth in it 


  1. Lucky you. I smoked for 37 years, and I can remember each step just as you outlined and immortalized them in this poem.

  2. Good decision in the end I'd say!!! Better the spark than the cigarette!

  3. a wonderful sketch of the smoky world depicting a certain time...nice end :)

  4. Yay for quitting smoking for true love! It was a sm9key world back then. All the adults smoked, it was considered glamorous back then. I loved this poem, Robin.

  5. Yes, I guess everyone tried it once.

  6. Luv the way Love triumphs in your romantic writings

    Have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  7. Oh I love quitting smoking for sake of true love! Beautifully penned, Robin ❤️

  8. I love that you quit smoking for true love too. Sometimes personal sacrifices are well worth it!
    Anna :o]

  9. Brilliant depiction of a grey smoky world. Really like the romance element that leads to quitting smoking.

  10. The photo and words paint a very grey picture of the UK - true though ;)

  11. Fantastic poem and I can so relate to it as we had a grey world in holland as well with lots of smoke. We didn't get caned though

  12. thinking about the romantic rings which breasted the air bravely around both of you!The romantic element is so gracefully structured here. Loved it, Robin.

  13. I'v often wondered how non-smokers could be married to smokers because of the kissing!

  14. She probably saved your life.