Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Morn

A long time ago

Little lives expected little

Dad was out of work


It was Christmas morn

Patsy and Billy awoke

Then they searched around


Hanging by the bed

Were two old bulging darned socks

One for each of them


With a cry of glee

They pounced upon their treasures

Emptied on the bed


Each had an apple

A handful of sultanas

And an old comic


A long time ago

There were two happy children

To be so lucky


  1. Times were simpler then. People appreciated more and expected less, I believe.

  2. They are blessed children to know where true happiness is.

  3. My father spoke of Christmases just such as these, my husband remembers them too. They knew when times were lean and yet there was always something special - back then oranges, apples, and nuts were special, and a comic book would have been a treasure. I wish we hadn't gone so far away from that kind of Christmas, to the realm of extreme indulgence and little meaning or appreciation. The picture you paint here with your words was sweet and beautiful indeed, Robin!

  4. Happiness then were from simpler things. How time changed . . . . .

  5. I wouldn't mind going back to those types of Christmas presents as an adult. I have plenty of stuff, and would far rather have an orange and see money put to better use, like car repairs and home updates.

  6. Great! Your right, people should be more grateful on Christmas. That's why I never ask for anything and I always like to give! : )