Sunday, 29 December 2013

Summer Heat


It was summer and I woke early

as if in answer to some call of the wild

The sky was tinted golden

and it reflected in your hair as you slept

still softly breathing synchronized

with the steady tick of the clock                  

I gently kissed your shoulder

thinking not of the blasting heat

of the coming day but

of the heat of your love for me

there was the softest murmur

as with the tips my fingers

I traced the map of your body

you opened your eyes

and smiling, you shook your head

denying me the chance

of possessing you once more

the sun delighted by your movement

silhouetted and burst through

the waving strands of your hair

and landed a warm beam on my face

or was it a kiss from you?

you, your warmth and that of the sun

were all an integral part of our lives

we were a tonic to the other

a tincture of heaven now

before the hard times ahead.


  1. Sensuously beautiful, oldegg! Many can relate to this and many more may wish to be in the same situation. Wonderful take!


  2. We were a tonic to the that line. Beautiful word images and beautiful painting. Well done!

  3. Full of sensuality and love. Very nice.

  4. A sensual, gentle love poem. - bravo, I really appreciated this one.

  5. So much love in your words. That last line made me sad thinking of what came after this beautiful moment.

  6. There is such an easiness to this purposeful as that breeze coming through the open window..

  7. Hard times ahead....let's change that a little...I like to think the hard times are in the rear view mirror, and we are on the upswing's just me...always looking for the 'happy ending.'

  8. That's how we get through the hard times, with our better time memories. It works. Best of the New Year to you,


  9. ...the summer of our lives...sun or kiss...warming us for hard times. ~ Lovely poem.

  10. Very nice...I love the sun delighted by your movement

  11. Sensuous and full of love, Old Egg. A lovely read.