Saturday, 7 December 2013

A short guide to phobias


Dentophobia or fear of dentists

Men all seem to have this curse

So we’re glad there’s a cute dental nurse


Acrophobia or fear of heights 

It scares me when on buildings tall 

Lest I waver then I fall

Frigophibia or fear of the cold

My girlfriend’s fear allows me to be close

To kiss her pretty nose and toes

Gymnophobia or fear of being naked

Showing all puts most to shame

As we’re not all built the same

Gynophobia or fear of women

Luckily I am not so afflicted

The reverse in fact, I’m addicted


  1. you old Egg! There are far worse things to be addicted to though..

  2. interesting takes on these phobias.
    i lost my gymnophobia after i was exposed to japanese culture.

  3. And then there's pantophobia - fear of everything. Very inconvenient to have that one!