Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mere man remembering flowers

                               Forget me not (image on Wikipedia)


Being a man I have always had trouble remembering the names of flowers. 

I think Antirrhinum is the one that is a dragon who opens him mouth when you squeeze his nose. 

And isn’t Primrose the one that is low to the ground but doesn’t prickle like a rose? 

Nasturtium it is that grows everywhere like a weed but can be used in a salad for a feed?

I know that Salvia is the one that up grows up straight and tall and brings the bees to the garden for all. 

One unnamed plant cried out to God one day, “Forget me not, O Lord” and that is its name we will forever say.


  1. Lovely poem that made me smile, Robin! I am so bad with the names of things, and people, and songs, and such... but I know who and what I love, and I love flowers of all kinds. Your ending was perfect, well done!

  2. God makes such a vast array of beautiful flowers.Even the weeds can be beautiful. He sees them all the same, I believe.

  3. Last two lines made me smile. Love your words.
    I too forget the names of the flowers but i don't care for it since i enjoy the beauty of it.

  4. Being a mere man I always have trouble remembering the names of flowers because everyone know that women can remember things like this
    It is natural to her.

    Also a mere man cannot
    remember to clean the bathroom
    water the pop plants
    make a shopping list
    remember where anything is in the house\
    and has to ask all the time
    because a mere man likes
    to have everything his own way
    and likes to leave all
    the menial tasks to the women