Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Whom do I admire?

Whom do I admire?
Just who can I praise?
Who has changed my life?
Given me happy days?

There were my parents
Taught me right from wrong
Kept me out of strife
And sang a bedtime song

Art teacher at school
Told me of my gift
Using palette knife
Got my first job so swift

One who loved me true
Just moaned when I snored
Yes that was my wife
Whom I really adored

I must not forget 
Children one, two, three
They're not causing strife
Grandchildren a'plenty

There are mates to add
Friends who've walked with me
In work, sport and life
Poets too, in harmony

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  1. Those memories speak of years well lived... so much to remember and appreciate.

  2. Beautiful!💜 There are so many people worth giving a tribute to in our lives 😊

  3. Its the best thing to know that you are matter/mattered in people's lives. A lot to be grateful for. :)

  4. You have been blessed with a good life.

  5. The positive influences in our lives are many, and you've paid tribute to a number of them in your poem.

  6. This is so beautiful. Yours has been a perfect life dear poet.

  7. I liked it....So many it is hard to name them all.

  8. "Poets too, in harmony"

    happy i'm in there


    much love...

  9. Perfectly captured-- a picture of a full life and gratitude.

  10. You have lived the life of my dreams, my friend. I love reading your poems, love how you adored your wife........and yes, we are grateful for our poet friends, who share our love of the written word.

  11. Nice of you to honor all these special people in your life, and even leave a little spot for your poet friends. Thank you and I thoroughly enjoyed your poem.

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed a walk through your life...and all the special people in it...

  13. When it's hard to choose, give them a stanza each - fair and thoughtful, Robin. :)

  14. With 'them' around life is a blessing none to rival. Each contributed in their own ways!