Sunday, 27 May 2018

Sparkle like quartz

Just what does one do?
With two blossoming daughters
Delight to behold

Each one's different
One spends her pocket money
Other saves it up

Whose bedside is best
One's bed all in a welter 
Other's neat as pin

One helps to tidy
Wipe up and stack stuff away
Other just shakes head

Need wisdom of gods
But both girls sparkle like quartz
And I trust them both

They are both pure joy
My heart moves with such delight
Love them equally

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  1. This is such a lovely write, Robin!💞 The way you describe both their personalities is so heartening 💞

  2. Ah, one can appreciate their differences for sure. Both of them have gifts to treasure, each in her own way!

  3. I love the interesting differences. It will be a joy to watch them grow up.

  4. Delightful... I'm happy that also the sloppy one is loved... I think in the end she might surprise you.

  5. Perfection! As a mum...any ode to the kids is heavenly. Sloppy and tidy..we've got them all. Enjoy them!

  6. This sounds like my sister and me....14 months apart and so different but we both are special in our own ways!

  7. The ending says it all. We must love who we love for who they are. So, if we get two different loves, in the end we'll love them the same.

  8. Yes. Relationships vary, but we love our children equally. Sweet poem.

  9. What a delight this is! I am glad they are both your favorites. Unfortunately some parents, like my mother=in-law has her favorite. It is sad.

  10. A wonderfully drawn, relatable piece ... that you have imbued with a parent's love. Nicely done!

  11. Each child is precious in her own special way. Good use of the prompt words!

  12. Wonderful title. Love that recognizes difference is solid as a rock.