Sunday, 13 May 2018

Swarms of flies

Swarms of flies flew around the house

Their crops had failed again this year
Dying stock, not a drop of rain
Winds now blew to worsen the pain

They blew and moaned the whole night long
And whistled through the woods 'til morn
They woke their farm had been stolen
Their hopes their dreams now were fallen

She looked at him her face in tears
Worried for him but said out loud
"There's no soil left in which to sow
We need to pack our things and go"

Standing there stoic to the last
He stared throught the open window
"Get the valuables, sell them all
We will survive the rain will fall"

"Now here's the deal get to your dad's
Try to earn some money down there"
She masked her face now filled with pain
And set off down the open plain

She never saw her man again
Their farm failed, his body ne'er found 
Soon the bank then repossesses
She opened shop selling dresses

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