Sunday, 6 May 2018

Trust in words

Power of the press
What is written must be true
Sage advice or no?

What is truth these days?
Raving politicians shout
Sprouting discontent

Suspect voices hoarse
Spreading lies, chain reaction
Bags of fear let loose

Promising so much
The voters simply doubtful
So they veer away

Same lies told over
Rank stench of distrust abounds
Only iceberg's tip seen

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  1. The truth is within, Old Egg... hidden, distorted, altered in someway, but it's within. Apparently.

  2. Yes, the tip of the iceberg. I recognize the truth when I hear it. Lies have been weaponized to confuse and undermine truth.

  3. what is truth these days?

  4. Wow, what a powerful testament to our current climate -- very well done!

  5. well said... will we recover from all the mistrust sewn like seeds?

  6. Yes, I’m afraid only the iceberg of discontent is visible. What has happened to our great country?

  7. I remember ages ago when I actually put faith in the written word. But it was never more than another way to talk.

  8. The truth - your poetic words.